At our retirement community, Membership in the non-proprietary, exclusive Country Club Estate is based on the estate homes. For your retirement peace of mind, an initial and basic ten (10) year Membership, renewable thereafter, is offered. Renewal options are: [a] “lifetime”, a five (5) year term under which absolutely no increase in Membership fees shall be allowed (unless the depreciation/cost-of-living is in excess of 20% from the initial start of membership, which shall be considered force majeure, thus allowing an increase limited to the amount of depreciation), or [b] “annual”, a one (1) year term which is subject to Membership fee increase(s). In simple terms, a Membership could, in effect, be considered similar to a lease.

Initial or founding Members shall be granted “pioneer” status, which gives them the opportunity to “adjust” the respective units (provided within the budget, at no additional cost – any additional costs shall however be for Members’ account). The unit is offered “raw”, hence “adjustments” would cover all items such as floor plan or lay-out, finish, color, etc. In effect, our retirees will be able to fine-tune their home units to the way they wish to live in our retirement communities.

In addition to the Membership Fees, Monthly Dues are charged to cover operating expenses. The basic Monthly Due – applicable whether a Member is present or not – is presently US$450.00. Villas are charged an additional US$25.00, while Apartment units are charged an additional US$75.00, and Assisted Living units are charged an additional US$100.00, to cover additional costs for these facilities. Monthly Dues are subject to change.

Once a retirement community is operational, the Membership committee will be organized, composed of elected Members (and assisted by appointed management staff), which will have the exclusive task of Membership management. A pre-termination option for Member and Country Club Estate is applicable and Membership terms and conditions apply.


Our retirement concept calls for the maximum possible benefits for those who join the system and to ensure long term continuity. It is to create an exclusive, private village or retirement community, complete with shops and service/maintenance facilities, based on a “Value for Money” principle. The center is the Country Club, where various facilities and activities are available for your pleasure. The concept is active retirement, therefore to get you out of your home and into the Country Club, where you mingle with others or enjoy various programs offered, including exercise.

The Center Building hosts a Bake and Coffee Shop, a Pharmacy (Drugstore), a Mini-Supermarket, a Bookstore, a Bank service, a Business Center, a Multi-faith House of Prayer, and other service outlets and offices. Next to the Center Building is the Medical Building, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The ground floor hosts the various facilities – including the Inter-Village communications and emergency call & track system – while the second and third floor is for medical staff accommodation. This means that three (3) sets of basic medical teams are available in emergency cases anytime.

Each retirement community or Country Club Estate will be established on 40 - 80 hectares or 98.84 - 197.68 acres. The walled and gated Estate has its own security force and a fire team. Where applicable, satellite or external facilities may be established for the exclusive benefit of the Members, including a small City Inn. Members of one Country Club Estate are automatically considered a Guest Member in any other Country Club Estate that may be organized within the system.

English is the official language of communication at the retirement community or Country Club Estate and all front staff shall have a fair command of this language.

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